How to Get a TWIC Card & Why You Should

If you have earned your TWIC card, many jobs are waiting for you to fill. The jobs offer above average pay and benefits for those who’ve taken the time to earn their card. If you’re not already a TWIC card holder, want to know how to get your hands on this card and enjoy the perks that it brings? Many people want this card while others need it. No matter which category you fit in, getting a card may not be as difficult as you think.

What is the TWIC Card?

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card provides special clearance to truck drivers who enter vessels and ports regulated by MTSA without the need for an escort. Without this special card, it is illegal to enter the facility without a proper escort. There are around 3.3 million TWIC card holders in the U.S. Apart from truck drivers, many other people have twic card jobs, including contractors, maintenance personnel, and marine instructors.

The TWIC card contains an Integrated Circuit Chip that holds all the biometric information of the user. This includes fingerprints. The card is tamper-resistant and almost impossible to forge. To get a TWIC card, an individual must complete several different steps.  First, you must be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. You must have access to MTSA regulated facilities and must complete an application online or at an in person location. Bring all documents needed with you to the office, including an unexpired passport or valid ID, and/or a birth certificate.

Security Threat Assessment

All applicants are required to complete a security threat assessment, or a STA. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved in this assessment. It is recommended that you apply for the card 8 – 12 weeks ahead of the time you’ll need the card. The application usually takes 4- 6 weeks to process but it can take longer. It costs $125.25 for a five-year TWIC card registration. There is a $60 fee for lost cars/replacements.

twic card jobssecurity threat assessment

Jobs Are Out There

Once you receive the TWIC card, you can begin searching for jobs of interest. The jobs pay more than regular trucking jobs and give you more power and authority. It feels good to be a TWIC card older and take on the added responsibility of the piston.  There are so many advantages of holding the TWIC card that it is easy to understand why it is worth applying for the card. Of course, some jobs may also require that you hold the card.

The Bottom Line

It takes a bit of time and effort to receive a TWIC card for work purposes, but it’s worth the effort at the end of the day. Once you are the holder of a TWIC card, more job availability and higher rate of pay are both yours to enjoy, but there’s a plethora of additional benefits that you’re also sure to appreciate.

Enjoying A Day On The Water

When summer hits people tend to flock to the rivers, lakes and oceans to enjoy the cool water, sandy beaches and fishing activities nature has to provide.  For most people sitting on the beach watching the boats sail gracefully across the water is as far as they want to get to the water, but for others actually getting out onto the water is more their style.

Planning a day on the water

When planning a day on the water the choice of boat will determine the type of experience you will have.  One of the most popular is the Glastron bowrider.  The main selling point for this boat is that the Glastron bowriders are family friendly and really enjoyable boats.  When planning a day on the water with one of these boats however, you will want to consider the following.


Traveling on the water is an enjoyable experience.  Traveling gracefully across the glassy surface riders can see fish, amphibians and other wildlife that is typically hidden from shore.  Protecting yourself and your family is also important since danger can strike around any corner.

Life Vests

Wearing a life vest will help save your life if you or someone falls in.  Live vests are designed to float and worn properly will help keep the wearers head above water.

Don’t panic

If something goes wrong don’t panic.  Keeping a calm and collective head will allow you to look at the situation and make informed decisions.  When we panic we rush to action and as a result may put ourselves in danger.  It is important to take action quickly but taking an extra moment can also be the difference between saving and needing to be saved.

Glastron bowriders are family friendlytaking a CPR class

Learn CPR

Lifesaving medical training is vital in some situations. When on the water learning techniques like CPR will help save a person’s life.  This is why taking a CPR class and gaining other basic medical training is good to know.

Alcohol on the boat

When traveling through the water many people will take beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.  This is not a wise decision as drinking alcohol will cause your judgment to be impaired and your reaction time increased.  When alcohol is introduced to boats and water the risk of people getting hurt or dying increases.  Make sure to use common sense when on the boat and think safety first.


When on the boat keep an eye on the weather.  Sudden storms and increased wave activity can make for a bumpy ride.  When the sky begins to cloud up it is a good idea to return to shore or at least get close enough for a hasty retreat to land if needed.  When on the water you can be perceptible to lightning strikes and sudden gusts of wind that can put you in a dangerous situation.

Boat limits

Traveling on the water you need to know your limits and the limits of the boat.  Many boats have a maximum passenger capacity.  Make sure to keep to this limit when on the water.

Purchasing a Reliable Vehicle

So, you know that you need a vehicle that you can rely on. This is often easier said than done, mainly because there are so many things that we need to do to make sure that we’re getting the best of the best for the effort that we put into everything. Do you know how to find new cars like the jeep gladiator that are actually going to fit in your budget and with whatever it is that you may be looking to do with your time as well?

Learn Your Options

Learning about your vehicle options is the first step in finding the new vehicle that you want to purchase. Do you need something that you can haul stuff around in? Or are you in a situation where you are trying to make sure that you can find all of the different things that you need to make it work? We all know that we want certain vehicles, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a whole lot of money in order to make that into a reality over time.

Sort Out a Budget

It can be difficult to see what is going on in regards to new vehicles which is why there are so many websites out there that you can utilize to stay ahead of whatever may be going on in relation to your new car budget. How much do you actually want to spend? How can you be certain that you’re finding the solutions that work out the best for you? You want to be sure that you look at calculators to see how much you can afford per month and set up your budget in a manner that goes with that.

jeep gladiatornew car budget

Find Models and Makes that Match Your Needs and Budget

Now it’s the fun part – looking at actual vehicles! You can start to explore the different types of vehicles that are out there and see what ones fit within the requirements that you put together in the first step. You can look around on the web, stop by dealerships, and check out all sorts of resources in order to be able to make solid decisions. See what you can find and work out – in the end, you’ll have many more choices and you’ll like what you can find.

Finding a car you like can be a priority, but you want to make sure that you can also use it for whatever you have intended to use it for. It takes awhile to really figure that sort of thing out and, because of that, you’re likely looking at a lot of choices that are out there for you to choose from. See what you can get yourself into and make sense of it. As time goes on, you’re going to actually find a lot of resources and know that, in the long run, you can see just what you need to make sense of all that you can do with it.